Insurance products offered by the Life companies in Canada provide a stable anchor to one’s overall investment and estate planning strategy. The use of the various types of insurance plans and products that are available can have a significant financial impact on our life from the day we are born to the time of our ultimate passing. There are many….

The equity markets have enjoyed substantial gains in the past eighteen months and significant accrued gains are sitting in investor stock market and mutual fund accounts. As well there are a number of individuals who have large potential gains on real estate holdings. Recent speculation throughout the financial services industry that the Liberal government is considering an increase in the….

A number of individuals are now getting ready to head South for extended periods of time in order to avoid the harsh Canadian winter. A recent article in the October  issue of Investment Executive highlighted a number of considerations that should be taken into account prior to leaving for the sunny South. Firstly, the amount of time one spends in….

Now that college and university students have returned back to class this is on opportune time to review the various tax credits and deductions available to them. Not only will these credits assist the student but also their parents can benefit as well. First year post-secondary students should make themselves familiar with these tax advantages as they will prove to….

The season of weddings is upon us and many young couples are entering into a new stage of life together. Money management though starts before the ceremony and will continue on throughout their married lives. Given that many studies indicate that “money” is one of the topics that creates issues and arguments in relationships it is prudent that partners spend….

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