Now that college and university students have returned back to class this is on opportune time to review the various tax credits and deductions available to them. Not only will these credits assist the student but also their parents can benefit as well. First year post-secondary students should make themselves familiar with these tax advantages as they will prove to….

The season of weddings is upon us and many young couples are entering into a new stage of life together. Money management though starts before the ceremony and will continue on throughout their married lives. Given that many studies indicate that “money” is one of the topics that creates issues and arguments in relationships it is prudent that partners spend….

Low interest rates and a relatively stable Canadian economy have contributed significantly to the booming real estate market here in Ontario. For a number of individuals the low rates have provided the opportunity to finance their first home purchase. Of course, the challenge in this process is coming up with the required down payment to qualify for the mortgage. What….

There is no question that the path to a stable retirement  financial plan involves the development of a sound savings program throughout your working career. In that vein I would like to end the year with a light-hearted financial plan put together by Mr. Jim Ruta a renowned motivational speaker and close personal friend. The message is short but is….

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