There is no question that the path to a stable retirement  financial plan involves the development of a sound savings program throughout your working career. In that vein I would like to end the year with a light-hearted financial plan put together by Mr. Jim Ruta a renowned motivational speaker and close personal friend. The message is short but is….

In my last article I discussed the issue of preserving family wealth. In this month’s article I will outline additional considerations that should be addressed in order to enhance the protection of family wealth and at the same time allow for a seamless transition of assets from one generation to the next. The purpose of this review is to provide….

As 2014 winds down the inevitable task of filing ones annual tax return looms in the not too distant future. Taxpayers and those in business know that income tax has to be paid, but, having said that one would prefer to pay as little as possible. In that regard I have prepared a list of considerations to consider for helping….

As an individual or entrepreneur you have worked long and hard to accumulate assets, investments and possessions. However, the accumulation of wealth brings its own set of problems, among them are larger income tax bills and the uncertainty of the treatment of wealth transfers upon death. We often don’t like to talk about death but the reality is that plans….

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