A recent article published by Golda Brown caught my eye and I would like to share the information with you in my column this month. Many spouses who don’t earn a paycheque think that insurance of any kind is a waste of money. Yet if this partner dies the working spouse will be forced to cover both funeral costs and….

Given that the pension income splitting provisions under the income Tax Act permit couples to split their pension income (to take advantage of using each partners’ exemptions and to reallocate incomes) once their RRSP plans are rolled over into a RRIF the questions as to the benefit of using a spousal RRSP as a tax planning tool has been raised….

The number of individuals who have ended their working careers or who are considering doing so in the near future is growing at an exponential rate. Consider these facts-an average of 1000 baby boomers will reach 65 every day in 2011 and by the year 2018 Canadians age 55 and over will control almost 70% of the wealth in this….

Many Canadians have never adhered to a budget-living hand to mouth from one paycheque to the next. Yet, deep down they know they need to get control of their finances. Then, somewhere around the age of 45 realizations begins to haunt them and the thoughts of being poor at 65 become frightening. On the other hand those who have achieved….

Individuals considering retirement-either on a full time basis or on a semi-retired basis face a number of decisions on what would be the best time to begin taking an income from the assets they accumulated in their various savings plans over their working years. For example, Canada Pension Plan benefits can be taken at any time between the ages of….

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