Given the instability of the equity markets in recent memory and considering the extremely low interest rates being paid to depositors at financial institutions a comment that has become prevalent by investors is “I’ve been saving for a number of years but with no growth”. A number of obvious factors such as declining markets, inflation, taxation, job security  and low….

  As the Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) moves into its third year of existence the amounts that one can invest is becoming more meaningful and will continue to do so. As cumulative contribution limits increase so does the opportunity to avoid more income tax on investment income. Simply put, if you have two identical investments, one in a TFSA….

Given that the fall has arrived and the students are headed back to their studies, I thought it would be beneficial to bring some awareness to the use of credit by this group. University and college students have a lot on their plates–studying, part-time jobs, dating and many other social and family responsibilities. They focus on all these things but….

For over 25 years, Lyon Financial Services has been providing accounting, insurance and investment alternatives to both individuals and companies throughout Southwestern Ontario. Whether a small home-based business or a large incorporated entity, Lyon Financial provides bookkeeping and payroll services, personal and corporate tax preparation, year-end financial statement preparation, and assists clients when dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency. After….

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